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14 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

14 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford And 16 Seat Minibus Hire

No transportation solution will ever perfectly match anything and everything you'd want when you hire a vehicle but when it comes to the quality of service delivered and a reputation for customer satisfaction, Coach Hire Oxford has come quite close to achieving perfection as many of our clients will tell you. We have been able to craft services that address most of the needs of a contemporary customer by taking time to understand what customers really look for when they hire a company such as ours.

One of the examples of how dedicated we are to provide services that are in line with what our customers want is our 14 seater minibus hire Oxford and 16 minibus hire service. These vehicles come with plenty of space inside for our customers and their luggage and can create a really great atmosphere for a group that is travelling together which is why they are so popular. The extra features that clients get when they pick these vehicles are just the icing on the cake. Space will always be a factor in our kind of transportation service because many people who come to Oxford will pack heavy. Every little bit of space will matter in such a case.

The exact vehicle that you choose is what will determine some of the features you get in case they can't be added on. Our vehicles all come from world recognised manufacturers. There are certain design and internal features that will be specific to certain manufacturers and vehicle models but there are certain features that we can add ourselves to ensure you enjoy your experience.

Air-conditioning is one of the features that will be available in some but not all the vehicles in our fleet. Clients who choose our 14 seater minibus hire Oxford and 16 seat minibus hire during certain parts of the year have little use for an air-conditioned vehicle but there are times when these are just the kind of vehicles you'll need. Most of our vehicles are also designed to minimise distraction of the driver by other passengers and just to ensure the vehicle functions well on all city roads, they are designed with a low centre of gravity for extra stability.

In the event that anything goes wrong, our vehicles are designed with crew and passenger safety in mind. Responsive seatbelts and airbags will help to reduce damage in case of any accident. Additionally, excellent vehicle maintenance and competent drivers at the helm ensure the chances of anything going wrong are kept at a minimum.

Our 14 seater minibus hire Oxford and 16 seat minibus hire vehicles are tracker equipped and are always being monitored. This further helps us to keep our clients safe and also helps us to respond quickly in case of a breakdown, an accident or any other emergency. Clients who go for the self-drive minibus will have to come with a driver with the right experience and qualifications. We can provide additional assistance if you need some help to find your way around Oxford.

We have a 24 hour booking police on all vehicles. This is important if we are to guarantee you'll get a particular vehicle. This also gives us enough time to add any extra features you may request. Get in touch with our customer service representatives for more information.