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19 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

19 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford And 20 Seat Minibus Hire

Your next trip to Oxford may call for the type of vehicle you never thought you'd need in such a place. Sometimes a minibus just won't have the sort of space you're looking for and you'd be forced with either leaving somebody behind or going with a smaller luggage choice. Leaving someone behind is never ideal and leaving behind some of your luggage could prove to be an inconvenience later on. But when a minibus won't do a mini coach or a small coach could be the perfect solution for your group.

Our 19 seater mini coach hire and 20 seat coach hire are both excellent options because they provide that little bit of extra space you'd need but not leaving you with too much wasted space in the vehicle. There is a unique style to our mini coach that appeals to certain clients. The mini coach seems like a small version of a full-sized coach but it's much more than that. This vehicle has an identity of its own. Customers who pick this vehicle usually know for sure that it's just what they need to make their Oxford trip a success.

When you have plenty of luggage with you, you can start to see just what makes the 20 seat coach such a practical choice. Our minibuses have plenty of space for luggage but if a group has a lot of luggage, all bets are off. The mini coach and coach have much more luggage space and customers can comfortably fit with all their luggage and nobody has to get left behind. Because the 19 seater mini coach hire and 20 seat coach hire vehicles aren't as large as other coaches, the vehicles are still highly manoeuvrable so you can travel around the city of Oxford without the inconvenience you'd experience in many large coaches.

When most people think of Oxford, they think of the University and the many attractions that you can find in the city but as a road user, you have to see beyond the obvious. Oxford is a very busy city especially when universities are in session. The city is also a huge tourist attraction thanks to the iconic status of the university and various locations within the city. This makes traffic jams an all too common occurrence and this can be a major inconvenience for you. To make things better, we hire some of the best drivers around to operate our coaches and mini coaches. The experience of our drivers means they have a much better understanding of road conditions at different times and locations in the city. If there is more than one way to get to your destination, you can be sure that our drivers will know the route that will take you the least amount of time. Don't be surprised when you arrive at your destination in no time while everyone else is complaining about traffic.

We also ensure that our vehicles are well prepared in case anything goes wrong during the trip. Our vehicles have excellent airbags and seat belts and they've also been fitted with GPS trackers. This allows us to know where you are in case you need any form of assistance. You can reach our customer care staff today to book a mini coach or coach.