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8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford

8 and 10 Seater Minibus Hire Oxford

Lots of features and Modern twists

For a small group that's looking for an efficient way of getting around Oxford, the 8 seater minibus hire Oxford and 10 seat minibus hire service that we offer at Coach Hire Oxford is almost ideal. When travelling in a group of family and friends you'll always be looking for one or two ways of cutting down your costs and this kind of service is just the money saver you need. Our vehicles are well suited for getting around cities like Oxford and come in just the right size and performance.

Our vehicles come from well-known vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes and Nissan because we are always looking to go with options that have been tried and tested. Different vehicles may also have additional features such as automated doors so you can always choose whichever option interests you.

For safety reasons, we use trackers in our entire fleet including our 8 seater minibus hire Oxford and 10 seat minibus hire and the vehicles also have GPS navigation systems. Keeping track of our vehicles is an important part of our safety procedure. It enables us to locate the vehicle quickly in case something goes wrong such as a mechanical problem or an accident.

How to know when you're getting a good hire package

It's not enough to hire a minibus to take you around Oxford, it's just as important to know that you're hiring the right minibus. You will have to separate the best hire service from the rest and you'll find quite a few companies operating in the Oxford area. An experienced is always a safe choice. It takes a certain level of customer satisfaction to provide these services for several years. A company with experience will also be in touch with customers' needs because they've had years to learn from first-hand experience. There'll also be lots of customer reviews that you can use to see just what customers think of the company. As many past clients will tell you, Coach Hire Oxford is one of the best in this business. We have a lot of experience providing services such as our 8 seater minibus hire Oxford and 10 seat minibus hire.

Drivers that you can count on are also important in this business. Any vehicle is only as good as the person at the steering wheel. Our drivers go through a thorough recruitment process that tests them on experience, skills and professionalism. We also look at the driver's driving record to see how they've performed in the past. Further training is also offered after hiring to ensure that the drivers' skills stay sharp and to also improve on other skills essential to customer satisfaction.

Our vehicles are also thoroughly tested before they are ever allowed to carry any of our customers. The vehicles have documents proving that they have undergone the necessary tests and that they are suitable for the job they do. Our vehicles aren't put through these tests simply because it's the law but because as a company, we believe in keeping our clients safe above all else. This is why our vehicles also undergo regular maintenance in the hands of our highly trained crew of engineers and technicians. Get in touch with us today to book your 8 seater minibus hire Oxford and 10 seat minibus hire service.