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35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 seat Coach Hire

A group of 30 or more people is far from small and you will encounter a number of challenges when travelling together in the city of Oxford. For starters, many transportation options will be out of the question due to the numbers and we haven't even discussed luggage yet. Just finding that many free seats in a bus is not practical. This is what makes the 35 seat coach hire and 36 seat coach hire from Coach Hire Oxford such a great choice for your group.

In the city of Oxford, we are well known for the quality of our service and when you need a coach of just this size, we are one of the best options you'll ever consider. However, experience has shown us it takes more than just the kind of vehicle you're being driven in to define your travel experience. Staff-client relations play a major role in how we deliver the services and most of the time it's how our own staff relate to customers that leaves the biggest impression.

One of the things that enables us to deliver our services to our customers just as they expect is our 24 hour policy on bookings. This means that any booking will have to be done at least one day before you're scheduled to travel. This is a policy that is advantageous to all parties. For our clients, this allows you to have many more options to choose from. A coach you want to hire may not be available on one day but with enough time it can become available. If you need vehicles with specific features, you will understand the need for an early booking because certain features may not be available on all our vehicles such as sliding roofs or air conditioning. Although we can always turn any experience around for our customers, there's no better feeling for a customer than travelling in a coach that is just right.

There is not double-booking when it comes to our services. As soon as you book a vehicle, you can be sure that it will be available when you need it unless a mechanical issue arises which is quite rare. In case of such a problem we can't allow our clients to travel in that coach for safety reasons. We will however provide you with a suitable replacement to ensure that you still get good value for your money.

We believe that providing our customers with an avenue through which they can voice their opinions and complaints is part and parcel of a positive customer experience. Whether a client has a suggestion, a complaint or something positive to say, we ensure that their thoughts are taken into account. This is one of the ways that we have been able to provide our customers with progressively better services over the years. These same avenues can be used by our clients to reach us in case of an emergency. Whether it's an accident or a mechanical problem, there will be a way for you to reach us and the vehicles also have communication systems that enable our drivers to reach us quickly. The 35 Seat Coach Hire and 36 Seat Coach Hire is a great solution to your group travelling problems so call us today to book your coach.