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49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

49 Seater and 50 Seat Coach Hire

For large groups of people travelling in Oxford, our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire fleet are a great choice. Although they are not the biggest coaches we have in our lot, they are still quite hefty and they are designed to provide all the convenience a large group will need when getting around this city. These coaches aren't just about size and whether you're a resident of Oxford or you've been here for a while, you will quickly see the sense in travelling with these vehicles and it should be a great upgrade if you're used to going for other options.

One of the best things about the 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire we offer is the amount of money you get to save by choosing our very affordable service. Making transport arrangements for a group is all about the aggregate cost and this can be quite huge if you don't choose the right company or the right vehicle. Taxis should definitely be out of consideration for these large groups. The number of taxis you'll need will not be practical and this will be far from your cheapest option. Even the bus may not work for such a large group because the odds of finding a bus with enough space for everyone and their luggage will be low. We however, provide you with an alternative that is practical and affordable, a rare combination in such circumstances.

Coach Hire Oxford is never too far out of reach when you need us because we can be reached by email or over the phone. You can even contact our customer care personnel through our website. This is how we always operate because it allows us to respond to clients or potential clients when they need us most i.e. when there is an emergency or when a last minute booking is needed urgently. We insist on a 24 hour booking notice when it comes to our 49 seater and 50 coach hire service because we have to ensure the vehicle is ready for the trip before it leaves the lot. There is a lot of planning that goes into an operation such as this. Depending on the kind of trip and the kind of vehicle you need, there are measures we must take to ensure the vehicle is ready and that there are no mechanical issues that could bring your trip to an early end. There is also the issue of demand which can be quite high in a city like Oxford especially for coaches of this size. If you can't risk being disappointed, be sure to make your booking early enough so we can have the coach ready for your group.

It's not just a large group who will appreciate a coach of this size. Even a small group will a lot of luggage can make good use of our coach in the right circumstances. Some of our regular clients are event planners who will always need some way of getting a few bulky things to a certain location. As mentioned before, safety is something we never compromise on when we offer our services. Our 49 seater and 50 seat coach hire must adhere to strict regulations to ensure they're safe enough for the service we provide. Our coaches are also tested regularly to address any arising problem early enough. Call us today.