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57 Seat Coach Hire

57 Seat Coach Hire

In our fleet of coaches, the 57 seat coach is our crown jewel at Coach Hire Oxford since it's the largest coach available. Although you may not imagine, there are plenty of takes when it comes to this coach. Many clients will in fact settle for nothing less than the 57 seater. The capacity of the coach makes it ideal for many schools, church groups and other organizations who regularly take their members on trips and events in other parts of Oxford. Our coach comes with more comfort than you'll find in many other coaches and this is why so many customers will choose it over other options.

The size of the 57 seater is one of the most challenging things about it too. The sheer size of the bus and the number of people on board at any moment means that the person at the helm must be one who is skilled and experienced in operating vehicles of this size. This coach is obviously not as manoeuvrable as the smaller coaches and mini buses and there certain routes that it can't use on some days. This means that you need a driver at the helm who will know which routes will favour the size of the coach otherwise you may find yourself at a dead-end.

Luckily, we put as much attention in our recruitment process as we do when acquiring our vehicles at Coach Hire Oxford. Our drivers have many years of experience and are some of the best you'll find in the city of Oxford. They have driven on the highways and streets of Oxford for many years and know which roads to take and which ones to avoid. They are familiar with regulations regarding vehicle sizes and there's no chance you'll find your group driving on the wrong street. The experience that we put so much emphasis on really pays off in such circumstances.

Naturally, we can't hire out a vehicle of this size without thinking about the safety our drivers and the clients on board. The last thing we'd want is any accident involving a vehicle of this size. This is why our coaches are regularly maintained by one of the best teams you'll find anywhere. Featuring expert technicians and engineers, our team works with state of the art tools to diagnose even the slightest problem and handle it early enough. The result is a coach that runs as smoothly as you'd want despite its size. Post-trip inspections are a regular part of the job since a problem is likelier to start when the vehicle is on the road.

Despite our best efforts, we understand that at some point, what happens on the road is beyond our control and that of our driver. For these rare occasions, our vehicles come fitted with excellent seatbelts and also come with very responsive airbags. We also have car seats for very young children who may be travelling in the coach. Safety features are tested regularly. Thanks to the capacity of this coach, it's a lot easier for our customers to get comfortable and enjoy their trip in Oxford. There's lots of space for everyone and sometimes we can even have extra features in the vehicle. Call us today to try out our 57 seat coach hire or ask us any questions you may have about the service we provide.